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Session 1: What’s happening in 2024?

Holiday pay: the government’s proposals, their impact and how they will bring some much-needed clarity in this area in 2024
Non-competition: proposed government intervention to limit the length of non-competition covenants – what you can do now to prepare for this change and mitigate its impact
Fire and re-hire: a deep dive into the upcoming Supreme Court case of Tesco-v-USDAW, where USDAW are seeking an injunction to prevent Tesco from firing and re-hiring warehouse staff.
The discrimination risk posed by AI – a look at the ongoing case of Manjang v Uber Eats and the discrimination risks posed if employers rely on AI technology without appropriate safeguards.


Session 2: How HR can add Value to an Organisation

Daniel reveals five HR secrets to weave magic into, and add shareholder value to, your organisation, including:

The importance of a strong company culture - or not?
Secrets to attracting and retaining talent
How to effectively embrace AI and digital assistants
Employee Wellbeing and Work-Life Balance




Session 3: Solving Conflict at Work

We explore common workplace conflict situations, the legal issues they raise and over a dozen top tips for handling them effectively. You will learn about:

Performance management – how to avoid conflict when telling people they aren’t up to scratch.
Personality clashes – how to deal decisively with conflict amongst colleagues
Conflict arising from change – bringing the workforce along with you in situations of change to make sure that conflict is dealt with and trust and confidence is preserved.
Conflicting rights and beliefs – looking at recent hot spots such as the gender critical v gender identity theory clash, with practical tips on how to handle them in the workplace


A few words about the HR Inner Circle


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The course fee is £125+VAT. This covers:

Entrance into the seminar

Tea and coffee

Free book  (see below) if you attend in person.

The full A4 .pdf workbook

Lifetime access to the full recordings (whether you attend in person or book the livestream)

NOTE: Members of the HR Inner Circle pay just £40+VAT.  Check the website for your discount code.

BONUS: Free book on
Employee Investigations

If you attend in person, you'll get a copy of this #1 Amazon bestselling book.

Covering all the steps, from selecting and briefing the investigator through to a checklist on drafting the report, you'll learn how to set up, conduct and craft the perfect investigation report.

This bonus is not available to those joining via livestream.

About the Speaker

Daniel Barnett is a leading employment law barrister practising from Outer Temple Chambers in London.

With 30 years’ experience defending public and private sector employers against employment claims, he has represented a Royal Family, several international airlines, FTSE-100 companies and many hundreds of SMEs.

Daniel is a past chair of the Employment Lawyers’ Association’s publishing committee and electronic services working party. He is the author or co-author of eight books, including the Law Society Handbook on Employment Law (currently in its 7th edition).

He is the creator of the Employment Law (UK) mailing list, an email alerter bulletin service sending details of breaking news in employment law three times a week to 33,000 recipients.

He is one of the leading speakers and trainers on the employment law and HR circuit. He has presented seminars for the House of Commons, the BBC, Oxford University, HSBC, Barclays Bank, Ocado, and dozens of other organisations in-house. Over the last ten years he has created and presented multiple national lecture tours in employment law for HR Professionals.
Daniel is widely sought after as a commentator in both broadcast and print media on all legal issues, and has for the last 12 years presented the Legal hour on LBC Radio.


Daniel Barnett offers a full guarantee on all his seminars.
If you come to the seminar and aren’t delighted with what you learned, we’ll refund 100% of your money, as long as you tell us within one month of the seminar date.


Q. Which cities is the seminar being presented in?

We have 7 locations for you to choose from: Glasgow, Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, Cardiff, London and Exeter.  We are also livestreaming it on Monday, 20 November 2023 if you cannot attend in person.

Q. What is the exact address of my venue?

We'll send you the full venue details a couple of weeks before the seminar. All our venues are in the city centre, and are either dedicated conference centres or hotels with conference facilities.

Q. Is the livestream the same as the in person seminar?

Yes, it is exactly the same content delivered from a professional recording studio over Zoom. Whether you attend in person, or register for the livestream, you will get lifetime access to the recording of the livestream.

Q. Do I get access to the videos if I attend in person?

Yes.  Whether you attend in person, or register for the livestream, you will get lifetime access to the recordings of the livestream.  That's because we don't want you to miss anything, and because we know you might want to go back and revisit the content.

Q. How long does it take for the videos to come out?

The livestream session is on 20 November.  We'll upload the raw recordings within 72 hours.  We'll then start work on editing the raw footage, and the edited recordings should be ready in the first week of December.

Q. Can I book more than one place?

Yes - you can book as many as you like (except at the 'Work in Progress' event for charities and the voluntary sector, which is limited to one delegate per organisation).

Our online system only allows you to book up to four places (unless you do it over more than one transaction).  If you want to book more than four, please contact Jennie Hargrove, below.

Q. Am I guaranteed a place?

Sadly, our venues have maximum capacities, and we're not an airline or hotel which overbooks in the hope some people don't turn up! When the places are gone, they're gone.

Q. How much does it cost to attend?

£125+VAT. That covers admission on the day, a workbook and lifetime access to the recordings.  It's the same fee whether you attend in person, or register for the livestream and recordings.

We are offering 25 heavily discounted places at a preview 'Work in Progress' event on 27 October in central London, just for HR Professionals working within charities and voluntary sector organisations. You will see details on the booking page.  Please note that only one delegate from any organisation can attend (this is to allow a variety of organisations to benefit from the discounted rates).

Q. Is there a workbook?

Yes. You will be sent a .pdf workbook in advance.  It's up to you whether you print it off and bring it with you, or whether you annotate it on your laptop/tablet.

Q. Do you have a cancellation policy?

You can cancel up to three clear days before and we'll give you a full refund. So to cancel a seminar on Thursday, you need to tell us by 9am on the Monday before for a full refund.  You can also switch to the livestream option, or just get the recordings, if you prefer.

Q. I'd rather not pay by card - can I pay by invoice?

Yes, but we charge an additional £10+VAT admin fee per person if you ask us to invoice you (that's because our costs are less if you pay by card, and we want to pass that saving onto you to encourage card payments).

If you want to book five or more places, which you cannot do online, we won't charge the admin fee.

If you do require an invoice, please email

Q. Are meals provided?

No - it's a half day seminar and starts after lunch. There is tea & coffee when you arrive, and also during the mid-afternoon break.

Q. Is there any small-print?

Afraid so. Here it is:-

1. We reserve the right to cancel the event in the event of the speaker's illness or other unforeseen event. We also reserve the right to cancel any particular ticket which you buy through this site, or refuse entry. In either situation, we'll refund your money.

2. Daniel Barnett will be giving an overview of law and procedure during the seminar. In order to fit it into the allocated time, there will be some generalisations. You should treat the content of the seminar as general guidance but not legal advice tailored to fit the needs of your situation. Any liability for negligence, breach of contract or anything else arising from the content of the seminar is limited to twice the fee you paid to attend.

Any Questions?

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